Spring 2021

Arts, Entertainment, Humor

The Way We Learn About Love: A Commentary on COVID-19, Love, Loss, and the Positive and Negative Changes of Our Time
by: Nicholas D’Antonio / COVID-19 / Health / Spring 2021- Arts, Entertainment, Humor

Video: A Series of Odd Challenges
by: Kohen Foster / Video / Spring 2021- Arts, Entertainment, Humor

Wide Awake
by: Kianna Jackson / Spring 2021- Arts, Entertainment, Humor

A Collaborative Piece about Community and Unification During the Pandemic
by: Kirstin Johnson / Health / COVID-19 / Spring 2021- Arts, Entertainment, Humor

Robbins Theatre & Kent State Trumbull: Questions answered by Kent State University Trumbull Faculty Member Eric Kildow
by: Sebastian Marconi / Theater / Spring 2021- Arts, Entertainment, Humor

Poem Review: Harry Baker’s “Dinosaur Love”
by: Nick McClure / Poetry / Opinions / Spring 2021- Arts, Entertainment, Humor

News, Information, Opinions

by: Madison Higgins / Spring 2021- News, Information, Opinions

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