Fall 2020

Arts, Entertainment, Humor

Quarantine Comics
by Eva Sparks

Quarantine Sketch
by Mikayla Marhamas

The Isolation of Quarantine
by Emmalee McDaniel

The Bigger Pandemic
by Isabella Kellar

A Collection of Poems
by Nicole Bickel

News, Information, Opinions

by Brandon Casedy

Climate Change: Evidence
by Amber Fry

Climate Change: Be Aware
by Ashley Samulka

Human Trafficking
by Amber Fry and Polly Batchelder

Video: Adjusting to College During COVID-19
by Nick Stafford

Content Manger
Nicholas Lilly

Pollyanna Batchelder
Sophia Bruno

Nicole Bickel
Brandon Casedy
Amber Fry
Isabella Kellar
MiKayla Mahramas
Emmalee McDaniel
Giavanna Mezzapeso
Ashley Samulka
Eva Sparks
Nick Stafford

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