Poem – The Biased Squirrel

By Maya McDaniel


The Biased Squirrel 

Screaming as you chuck a piece of bark 

Only from your perspective can you see me. 

Threatening above all else, a monster perhaps? 

Everything about me is different from you. 

But I wish you no harm 

For if I did… 

How easy it would be to inflict, 

But this is not who I entice myself to be. 

No matter how you perceive me, 

I will never do you harm 

Because it is not about what you deserve 

But what I believe 

So scream, dig up my plants, and chuck bark at our dog ALL YOU WANT I know you do these things out of fear and ignorance after all 

How pitiful, and how tempting sometimes to let go of the leash 

But I will not, because then you’d be right 

I will cling to the leash, and control the chubby little beast 

So that we can part ways 

And I will be at peace 

Knowing you are already becoming obsolete

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