Content Manager Job Application

Application Deadline: May 1, 2023

The Content Manager is the leader of Trumbull Satellite, who oversees all aspects of the organization and the production of this digital magazine. For their leadership and hard work, Content Managers receive a $1000.00 scholarship (to the KSU Trumbull campus) each semester, with additional funds possible.

Job Duties:

  1. Recruit staff members.
  2. Update and maintain the website (or oversee staff members doing so).
  3. Hold a minimum of 5 staff meetings per semester.
  4. Form and work with a student leadership team: assistant content manager(s), treasurer,… (see also Opportunities for ideas).
  5. Meet and work with the Faculty Advisor (Dr. Carol Robinson) on a regular basis.
  6. Promote Trumbull Satellite to increase viewers and readers.
  7. Recruit submissions for content.
  8. Evaluate submissions with a student staff team.
  9. Provide notification of acceptances and of rejections.
  10. Post new content in an organized fashion—either on a regular (weekly or monthly) basis, or all at once at the end of the semester.
  11. Organizing at least one Trumbull Satellite sponsored event each semester.

Trumbull Satellite is a multimedia and multimodal publication. During the Fall 2022 semester, we became an official KSU Trumbull campus student organization. It is intended to empower students through practical, collaborative and professional learning opportunities within an independent, student-led and multi-platform media framework. It facilitates two general types of works: Arts & Entertainment and News & Information. These are presented in a variety of media (print, photography, drawings, audio, video, small programs…).

It is also intended to be a teaching tool—practical experience—for various disciplines (MDJ, English, ASL, Spanish, Art, Theatre, BMRT, etc.).

Trumbull Satellite strives to collaborate and share with Kent Student Media (Kent campus) partners: A MagazineThe BurrThe Kent StaterLuna NegraFusion Magazine, TV2 KSU, Black Squirrel Radio, Flash Film Commission, SM Advertising & Marketing,, Taking Flight, and—including receiving funds to help build cooperation and collaboration between the campuses.  

Trumbull Satellite serves a wide variety of interests and media—from printed poetry published online to short fiction videos to feature news articles. The most recent installment of content includes poetry, inspirational writing, photography, and a sneak peek into our Spring 2023 event. Previously installed works have included informative feature articles, book reviews, the Lake Anne Podcast, reports of creative art work (embroidery, painting), poetry, short stories, video reports, and comics.