Trumbull Satellite is a media conglomerate: multi-tasking, multi-focused, multimedia. Like the World Wide Web platform upon which it exists, Trumbull Satellite is intended to be fluid in its subject matter: moving from journalism and fact-finding missions to arts and entertainment; however, the content is supposed to be relevant to Kent State University Trumbull, even when it ties KSU Trumbull to the rest of the university, the state of Ohio, the United States, North America, and/or the world. One opportunity that Trumbull Satellite provides is for a “hands-on” experience exploration of the relationship(s) between the technology, the art, the business, and the ethical and legal responsibility of running multi-media for various disciplines: creative writing (poetry, drama, literature), informative writing (science writing, journalism, opinion pieces), performing arts, imaged arts, photography, video, audio, etc..


Trumbull Satellite is a Kent State University Trumbull student-run multimedia digital magazine that aims to highlight student voices, regional campus life, and surrounding community life. Focusing on both news and entertainment, Trumbull Satellite promotes inclusivity and diversity in an equitable manner.


  • To inspire other Kent State regional campuses to invest in regional student media.
  • To enhance Kent State University Trumbull’s regional cultural identity.
  • To build partnerships with Kent Student Media that unify the campuses.