Melodies for Success

by London Hairston

blue field, yellow text, musical note, side view of head with another musical note inside, Melodies for Success: A Poem for the Educationally Distraught


Stressing about your next exam
Feeling broken, lost, in a jam
Plug in your buds and dive on in
To the melodies that can calm you, and soothe you within
Music clears and comforts the soul
When college is really taking a toll
College classes, and low grades
Ope your playlist and gently fade
Sink into the lyrics and close your eyes
Forget about the assignments for a moment, and really try
To relax and unwind because you deserve it
All the late nights and procrastination you hate to admit





I have created a short poem about how to cope with the stresses of college and how to cope with them by using music.The past few years have been difficult for all college students, and there have been times when many of us wanted to give up. But, giving up isn’t an option. I want whoever reads my poem to know that if nothing else gets you through, and when you feel like quitting, there’s always some form of art or therapy, in this case music, that can encourage you to make it. I want the reader to know giving up during your college experience isn’t an option because there are so many things that can help you get through, one being music. The art piece is just an addition to the poem to pull in the reader.