Positivity All Around

By Landry Torres

There is nothing more confusing than trying to find your path to life

Humans hate being confused, lost, or feeling like they’re sinking

It’s okay not to be okay, but negativity causes strife 

The key is to try some positive thinking 

Unpleasant feelings are normal, in fact they are gonna happen quite often

But positive thoughts can shut it down quickly as long as you don’t stall

Accepting your emotions without judgment can help your hardened heart soften

The reality is, a change in your mindset can do it all 

It’s hard to see the good in a bad situation 

Negativity, for many, can sometimes be a habit 

But it’s time to change our generation 

When you see an opportunity to share positivity, grab it 

Make someone smile today; it’s really rewarding to see 

When you make someone’s day with an act that is kind 

It doesn’t cost anything, it’s totally free 

To practice loving others and positivity within your mind 

It’s really easy, there’s no race to win, no hill to climb 

I know that you have it in you 

And as soon as you know it, there will come a time 

That others will see your positivity shine through 

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