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When Feeling Blue

by Shaquille Williams

When Feeling Blue
When feeling blue do you canoe?
Do you find a new passion,
Do you find comfort in games,
Do you watch movies,
Do you meditate to the rain?

When feeling brown can you go find your crown?
Do you go and make cake,
Do you make time for plans,
Do you eat healthy foods,
Do you lay in front of your fan?

When feeling red what makes you feel how you said?
Do you write down your thoughts,
Do you make some new goals,
Do you go and take pictures,
Do you go out for a stroll?

When feeling gold what makes you bold?
Do you make some new friends,
Do you go try something new,
Do you go out for karaoke,
Do you hang out with some family too?

When feeling blue what do you do?

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