April 2023 Event: Recycle to Release Stress!

By: Nick Frantz

Greenboard IT is the new kid on the block and kicking grass and recycling trash. Do you know what happens to your electronic devices when you throw them away, does it go to recycling or to a landfill? Greenboard IT has a green thumb when it comes to recycling E-waste. The company is run by local people from Trumbull County, who are passionate about keeping as much recyclable material out of the dump.

It all started when two local people saw a lack of resources to recycle electronics. The local area is known for its scrap yards but the question is does a computer mostly made of plastic and wires belong in a metal scrap yard? If your answer was no then they would agree, your device needs to go through a process that eliminates the landfill. To the average person, there are not a whole lot of options here so with the environment in mind they put together a plan to secure your data and ethically recycle the rest.   

So, I call on the reader to take action in saving the environment. This might sound hard but in fact, it is quite easy to do next time you clean out your attic or basement if it has a cord drop it off at a GreenBoard IT event. If your place of work is cleaning out its old electronic cables and cords and you know it’s bound for the dumpster just make an appointment to have them pick it up. I think by now everyone knows you don’t need to be a sword-swinging robot riding a t-rex to save the planet, you just need to be the person that says I’m not going to throw it away I’ll recycle that. Recycling is the easiest way to make a big difference in the fight against global warming.

How do you find an event? Greenboard IT actively does e-waste drop-offs regularly, you can visit their Facebook page or website for dates and locations. Everyone that comes can bring as many electronics as they want, bring a truckload if you like! The planet needs us and everyone to do a part in keeping our planet clean and healthy. 

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