Spread Your Wings: An Inspirational Poetry Collection

By: Joshua Bates

Spread Your Wings

When feeling inspired, know dedication is required

But don’t hold back, spread your wings!

It’s ok to remain grounded, but to leave others dumbfounded

You mustn’t let others pull your strings

Soar on and don’t look back

Even in dedication or fright

For a mindset unfocused on the present moment

May cause an eagle to lose its flight

So many fledglings have dreams and ideas

That remain immature due to malnutrition

How is one to fly from Ohio to St. Lucia

If you fail to remain tasked on the initial mission!

Keep gliding, spread your wings further, do whatever it takes

Imagine if you stop flapping, you’ll plunge into one of the great lakes

It’s a task of its own to motivate, but an action not for naught

To set a destination and stick to it until your talons have bespot

And once you reach that spot, you may finally rest comfortably

Fully aware that the journey was worth every second

I know right now it may seem barren and bleak

But what matters is that your flapping did not lessen


When undergoing trouble, it’s easy to trap yourself in a bubble

But don’t subside, persevere!

Remember the cause you’re fighting for

And roll on like a sphere

Setbacks are common among those delving into a new frontier

And it’s hard to tread waters remaining perfectly crystal-clear

But don’t wait in comfort for some otherworldly blessing to appear

This applies to bodies young and old,

It’s about finding the drive to steer

Continue in the face of trial, error, and tribulation

And you’ll have much to talk about

In your future grandchildren’s conversations

When tempted against your life’s code, don’t give in to temptation

This is my own advice, my own quotations

Departing from the station is the riskiest decision

Follow through, and you’ll be on track with zero chance of collision

When coming across others who disprove your morals

Separate yourself and create long division!

This task won’t prove easy

You’ll go through it all your life

But when encountering broken souls,

I nonetheless come with the same advice


The Nest

Your bills are paid, you’re living sustainably

And everything seems to be going alright

You’re finally reaching the place in life you want to be

But do not forget where you came from

The nest where your caregivers nursed you to health

Easing that worm up to your beak with stealth

If it wasn’t for their careful time and consideration

You would not be nearly as developed in self

Thank them for the moments they’ve shared

Because one day you will not be able to

Cherish them as if they are about to end forever

To create a long-lasting bond that will never sever

Not everyone has parents

But some have close friends they consider family

When conversing with someone of such aberrance

Remember to comfort them amongst calamities

Who is in your nest?

Who makes you feel at home?

Shout their names deep from your chest

And claim them as your own

Protect Your Grounds

Too often our forests face destruction

Due to non-biodegradable objects filling our grounds

Soda cans, plastic bags

You see them all around!

We must protect our grounds

From trash and make use

Of the three r’s of the environment

Recycle, reuse, and reduce

Think of the future generations

Who will one day inhabit this Earth

To blatantly dispose thinking not of future birth

Is selfishness at its worth

Assert some basic rules, properly dispose of paper

Plastic and aluminum will not simply disappear as easy as water vapor

Place them in a recycling bin so they may be made into something new

Like a natural pair of eco-friendly shoes

You can protect your grounds

By simply being a good samaritan

If you pass by a bottle lying idly in the streets

Pick it up and keep carrying

In a Flash

I was told I couldn’t do it

So I did it in a flash

Just to prove my intuit

Was something that couldn’t be grasped

The satisfaction I get

From completing work in a timely manner

Puts me above the tallest mountain summits

And stronger willed than Bruce Banner

If forced upon by a task you are reluctant to complete

Take charge knowing the end result will be sweet

Every step you take to leave the comfort of your seat

Sets your destiny deeper in concrete

Good things take time

But set yourself to a schedule

Trust me, you’ll find this ethic much more sublime

Compared to sitting around like a vegetable

Take off in a flash

Like a superhero on the chase

If a hardworking drive you embrace

Then you will never be disgraced

Student Body

We have our differences as people

But at the end of the day

We are all a congregation

And should work together for the common good

We are a student body

With intentions whole

To make a good learning environment

For every student enrolled

Hate has no place

In a prestigious place of academics

Some seem to have forgotten this

During the COVID-19 pandemic

But since we’re in person

Let me remind you again

To kindly keep to yourself

If you cannot be a friend

We are a student body

With intentions whole

Flashes take care of flashes

Is the golden and blue scroll

Wake Determined, Sleep Satisfied

I once heard a quote that resonated

With me and stuck deep within my soul

From an actor popular amongst masses

And this is what it told

Wake determined, dismiss burdens

Deprive yourself of anything that makes the future uncertain

If you don’t, the tables will turn and you’ll be the one hurting

Once life catches up to you, that’s for certain

I took a moment to think

About what I was doing with my time

And quickly realized a disorganized pattern

Was beginning to pantomime

I had fallen into a trap

Of comfort and sat idle

For so long my stopwatch couldn’t elapse

All the time I waived so tidal

It was a parasite, so I cleansed it

And made a vow to myself

That I would polish my legacy and not let it sit

To collect dust upon a shelf

Are You Proud?

It’s good to be driven

It’s ok to fall short of goals

Just ask yourself this at the end of the day

Are you proud?

Proud of all that you’ve accomplished thus far

The actions you’ve taken to shine like the north star

And most importantly

Have you kept yourself from being subpar?

If not, be the change you want to see

And go against the impossibility of your dreams

If you think you can’t, delve into your soul and go deep beneath

It’s there buried in the seams

Some days that’s not what it seems, I get it

But don’t allow your intellect to be cloaked with doubt

The process of excavating a brighter spirit can be lengthy

But sooner or later you’ll remove the shroud

Which will allow for a plethora of emotions

To crowd like fish on a ship’s bow

Up to your conscious forming a big mushroom cloud

Exploding vision into your head, leaving you proud

Spiral Staircases

Up, down, left, right, side to side

It feels like I’m in one of those cartoons

With the spiral staircases

Leading to nothing but uncertainty

I try to escape them

But I always end up in another loop

Unnecessarily searching for an answer that is not going to present itself

I strayed from the group

And this is what I get, restless nights due to unclear vision

Wandering what could be behind the doors at the end

Of the hallways leading beyond these wretched stairs

Ah! A thought too vast to present

I’m nervous, I really am

I don’t know what’s supposed to come next

But I’m hopeful for the way the clues convex

And therefore do not believe I am hexed

If I check the specific divots

In the planks of the stairs and count them

Then surely light will fill my path as I continue on

And these staircases I no longer will condemn

The Final Stretch

My eyes are blurry

Dehydration is setting in

But the finish line is merely a blink away

And you best believe I’m going for the win!

I’ve come this far and faced criticism

For the way I’ve went about my tasks

But what matters is that I stood the test of time

And promised myself I wouldn’t be last

That gave me the motivation I needed

It’s the final stretch

And I did not venture from east to west

To simply finish second best

Every breath in my chest

Is dedicated to setting a new personal best

Being the first to wave the checkered flag atop the podium

Is an action no rivals can contest

You’re so close

You’ve done so much to make it this far

Dash to the finish with every power left in your system

And earn that gold medal, you star

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