miniatures of embroidery

Embroidery Art: Walking Amongst The Stars

by Keith Richmond

embroidery: person walking under the stars

Walking Amongst The Stars is an art piece that shows a girl made out of embroidery filled with white paint to give her the biggest focal point of the piece. I created this piece for pure enjoyment and it does not have any hidden meaning behind it. I thought the idea was really interesting and just went with it. The girl in the art piece is walking on clouds that have a sunset behind them. The sunset is made out of watercolor, this allows for it to look softer and have less of a presence. The sunset gives the clouds various color definitions allowing for the oranges and purples to show in the clouds. I then embroidered her dropping the stars across the sky to give the piece some movement and fluidity. The girl is made out of embroidery floss and is filled in with white paint, this makes her the focal point and allows for her to stand out the most. The stitches I used to create her and the stars are a backhand stitch and french knots for the stars. The white paint is a very stark contrast compared to everything else. The piece was made out of three different types of media: watercolor, acrylic, and embroidery. Out of all three pieces this last one is my favorite and I liked the outcome of this piece the best. I honestly love the way the clouds look and I love the movement this piece has.

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