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Good Health, Good Life

by Duriel Diggs

It is time for young people to take preventative measures when it comes to health. for a long time, we as young people are tricked in to believing that just because we are young. that we do not have to take the necessary steps to prevent certain diseases. these could be things that our passed down through genetics or something that you developed over time. my main join for the satellite is to make everyone who visit more health conscious. the fact that we have people under 40 suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure is alarming and I think with this. platform we could change the mind of our peers. We think that is staying healthy means eating carrots all day but, there are many ways to eat great food while also staying as healthy as possible. I think that simple workout and fun recipes would drive people to eat better and stay active and it makes it fun.

Seeing what the food is your eating is doing to your body is a great eye opener for people by showing them the side effects and the results of certain behaviors can lead to all while making it fun.

We can also have a super food day where we show u a superfood and what all you can use it for the example of this would be dandelions and all the uses that most people really do not know about. There are many kinds of things people can do or eat to stay fit also there should be a five-minute work out for people to just get moving some people really do not have 30 min so that heart rate increase daily will help them. The main goal with this idea is to help people live longer and happier.

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